We Buy Boats For Cash

If you try to sell your boat on your own, you will need to spend time answering endless questions from potential buyers, playing phone tag, arranging showings, taking your boat out of storage, prepping it, dragging it to the ocean/lake, launching it, giving a test drive (or waiting at the dock only for the buyer not to show up), and when they are done wiping it down and take it back to where it came from. You may have to go through this 5 or 10 times just to get the sale. Then you have to do it again if the buyer wants a marine survey performed. And, if the inspector finds problems, you may have to make repairs. You also have to deal with negotiating, contracts, transfer paperwork, and handling the payment.

If instead you try to sell your boat using a broker, it could take months or years. If you are in a rush to sell, because of overdue bills, a divorce, death in the family, bankruptcy, or other crisis, you can't wait that long. And all of that time, you will need to keep paying money for slip space or storage, maintenance, and insurance.

We have a better way. We will send a boat appraisar to look at your boat, and based on their report we will make you an offer. Even if your boat needs work, we will buy it. We buy and sell all types of boats (motor boats, sail boats, yachts, etc.). You just need to give us proof of clear title, and lien information (if you have a loan on it).

Once we make you an offer, we give you 2 options:

Option #1: Quick Sale - Accept our offer, and we will buy your boat right away. We will transfer the money directly into your bank account.

Option #2: Profit Participation - We will act as your 50/50 partner in the sale. You still own the boat, but we will fix it up (if needed), market it, and handle all sales inquiries, showings, and test drives. We basically treat the boat like it is one of our own. We can also offer financing to the buyer, which increases the likelihood that it will sell. You get 50% of the amount we sell it for over the original price we offered you. If we do not sell your boat within 60 days, we will buy it from you at that offer price, or you can take the boat back. This way you get the benefit of trying to sell your boat for a higher price, without any of the hassles or risk.