We are changing how people buy and sell boats
We are unlike any other used boat dealer or broker. We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee on all the used boats that we sell. If you find a problem that we did not disclose, we will pay to fix it, or you can return the boat and we will give you a full refund. Our goal is to remove all the risk from used boat transactions. Mainly, you no longer have to worry that you are buying a boat with hidden defects.

BoatDeals.com solves two major problems with the traditional used boating industry:

Problem #1 - There is usually no easy way for people to sell their boats quickly. You can go to your local car dealer and sell your car for cash, but most boat dealers do not do that. You have to try to sell your boat through a boat broker, or a classified site such as Craigslist. This can take many months, sometimes even years. We help people who need cash quickly, like due to a divorce, bankruptcy, health problems, or job loss.

Problem #2 - The used boat market is inefficient because buyers are fearful of getting stuck with a boat that has problems. This is especially true with "for sale by owner" boats, but even used boats from brokers and dealers many times have undiagnosed problems. A boat inspection and a sea trial are not always enough to really get to know the boat. So, many good deals get passed over because buyers think the cheap price means something is wrong. We solve this with our 14-day money-back guarantee. If anything goes wrong during that time, we make it our problem, not yours.

Our prices are low because we do not have all the typical costs of a boat dealership (salespeople, showrooms, etc.). We pass these savings on to you. Most of our boat listings come from individual owners, but we treat these boats like they are our own. If a boat does not sell within 60 days, we are obligated to buy it from the owner, so we won't sell you a boat that we are not willing to purchase ourselves.

Some other benefits of buying from BoatDeals.com include:
  • We have a maritime surveyor inspect each boat and write a detailed report listing any problems they find. We make this report available to the buyer at no extra cost. Because we may end up having to buy the boat if it does not sell, we make sure ahead of time the boat runs well. Just like you, we don't want to get stuck with a bad deal.
  • We do not add any fees to the sales price. No document fees, no filing fees, no service charges.
  • We can arrange financing, even for older boats.
  • Never owned a boat before? Don't worry, we take care of everything for you.
Our goal is to revolutionize the boat business. Please take a look at what we have to offer, and let us know if you have any questions.